L'Univers des Arts - november 2000

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L'Univers des Arts - may 2000

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Bill'Art 2000 - The guide of the galleries

Melanie Quentin, sculptor, contemplates the woman, follows it in her movements, collects its least epic and expressions, as a photographer would do it. Its works, alive and varied, testify to an acute direction to the observation and control to its art.

L'Est républicain - april 1999

Sharpness bronze with Melanie Quentin. This powerful and determinated artist strikes us with the diversity of her creations. Some bronzes are polished like stones are by an impetuous stream, some kept the print of tools which engraved original work. We can follow muscles of a back, delicate slender of a neck, charm of a shoulder. A remarquable and extremely realistic work. An art dominated till perfection. A feeling of instant, real-life and eternity which gives such a strength to these creations. Bronze material is not innocent in this subtile alchemy, inferring a feeling of everlastingness.

FR3 tv - december 1998

A reporting about a sculptress which has such a particular approach of her models. Melanie Quentin's works look like snapshots.

La vie à Châtellerault - december 1996

Light of women. The Damon gallery exhibits creations of Melanie Quentin. "Sculpture is first of all the relation with clay and volume. A sensual work which issues to a real feeling of creating. This work is very physical too, sometimes painful. But the end is pleasure, anyway." This is the artist definition. Since 10 years, Melanie Quentin accumulates individual and collective exhbitions in France and abroad (Brussels, Firenze, Ozaka). She got many prices and distinctions as golden medal from the French Federation of National Culture. Works of Melanie Quentin tell, with decency and simplicity, pleasure, love, beauty and life.

L'Echo 94 - weekly paper of Val de Marne - june 1994

Melanie Quentin exhibits thirty sculptures. We find the eternal topics, women and couples with "Rêverie, Passion, Plénitude..." titles evocating her wish to go beyond the external appearance.